Valor H3

Fireplace- Direct Vent

Category: SKU: 1000KN


The H3 offers a slim engine design that is engineered for new construction installs or the growing trend to remove and replace outdated and inefficient wood and gas fireplaces. The relaxing, radiant firebox flames create a beautiful ambiance in any living space. With three unique fuel beds, seven liners, and four fronts, the H3 can accommodate any design style while providing efficient, radiant warmth.

Model Max Input Min Input Max Output Energuide
1000KN 25,000 12,000 19,098 72.05%
1000KP 24,000 11,000 18,523 73.13%

Gas Type Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG)
Remote Control

Featuring three stunning finishes in vintage iron, black, and our new champagne brass, the H3 fits perfectly into any room design. Watch now to learn more about one of our most popular fireplaces to date.

Zero Clearance (ZC)
Our zero clearance backing plates meet industry standards for framing a new fireplace. These backing plates are typically smaller and are made for framing a new fireplace where non-combustible materials are required directly above the unit.

Reduced Clearance (RC)
RC backing plates are larger and ease installation when replacing a wood or gas fireplace with tighter framing dimensions. Not compatible with 1000K engines when HeatShift is added. Please use the available ZC backing plate options during HeatShift installations.


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