AU Fireplace Group management team member John Anghilante recently attended the Tom Pugh Government Affairs Academy after being nominated by HPBA Affiliate organizations. As a graduate of the academy, Anghilante will play a pivotal role in advocating against over-regulation by local, state and federal governments. This biennial program is a multi-day, intensive classroom and hands-on experience that trains hearth professionals to become advocates for the industry.

Every two years, HPBA holds GAA in the Washington, DC area. This location sets the stage for two and a half days of guided classroom instruction on state and federal legislation, media training and a mock town hall meeting where participants prepare and present testimony for or against a proposed law impacting the hearth industry. The program concludes with a series of meetings on Capitol Hill. Students will have the opportunity to meet with the offices of their own Senators and Representatives. They are able to use the skills gained earlier in the week and go to their legislators as educated and concerned constituents. HPBA members educating legislators on issues important to their businesses are vital to the survival of the industry.

You can read more about the Tom Pugh Government Affairs Academy here.